Udaipur Tales | International Story Telling Festival
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About Us

Udaipur Tales will popularise the oral tradition of Story Telling. It envisages a platform where the young and old can participate and enjoy story telling and grow rich in values and experience.
Coming from completely different walks of life we have one thing in common- the need to hear and see gripping stories. Just that has brought us together to form Udaipur Tales. We want to spread the experience of stories and storytelling so everyone feels the thrill in the journey of a story. We believe this world and all its people are made of stories and it is through these stories we communicate, learn and share. So let the sharing begin!

What to expect from Udaipur tales 2018

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Moments 2017

Each day went by listening to different stories – some fact, some fiction, some told and some sung, with some food and wine. Then as the moon’s light began to shimmer on the lake each night, we celebrated the day and the journey with music.

Storytellers 2018

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